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Size Guide

One of the most difficult things about purchasing clothing online is figuring out which size will fit—will it be too short? Should I get a size bigger for width? Will my shoulders fit comfortably?

We want you to shop confidently, knowing the size you select is the right size for you. The size guides provided below show the measurements of the actual garments themselves. To figure out which will be the right fit for you, you will need to measure your own body.


Using the Size Guide


Length: Measure starting from your shoulder until where you want the garment to hit you on your body (ground, ankle, or higher for kurta).

Chest: Circle the measuring tape around your chest and back. Note: our garments fit modestly, in accordance with the sunnah, so you will not see the number from your measuring tape on the guide below. That's because the garment itself leaves room to move, and the numbers below are the measurements of the clothing, not the body.

Shoulder: Measure from one shoulder to the other, across your back.

Sleeve: Measure from the shoulder to the wrist. 


Kamani Thobe Size Guide



Kamani Kurta Size Guide


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