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Mubeen Kamani Hussain Kamani

In 2007, brothers Mubeen and Hussain Kamani began their journey to fill a void in the Islamic clothing industry. They combined timeless values of modesty and faith with contemporary designs. Kamani thobes transformed the antiquated, sometimes awkward attire thought to be reserved for holidays to both an everyday and special occasion look, reviving the feelings Islamic clothing should bring to its wearer—comfort, style, and modesty. Whether going for Jumuah, attending a wedding, or praying after basketball practice on the court, Kamani has a thobe for every occasion. 

Our aspirations took us through many different obstacles and challenges as we created designs, searched for suppliers, manufactured fabrics, constructed products, managed websites, and worked with customers. It's been a long journey since we began, but it's been an incredibly fulfilling and exciting one. 

From hand-selected fabrics that complement unique designs to quality stitching executed by experienced tailors, our Kamani thobes prove, time and again, to be a Muslim man's favorite ensemble.

The heart of Kamani is YOU—our customers. You support us, help us improve, and have faith in us. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us, so if you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out at

We hope to continue serving you, Insha'Allah. 

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